Film Series


And It Made History 


4 war history documentaries about inventions, people and events 


Body Shaping Collection    

dance teacher Nancy Marmorat's advice on how to shape a perfect figure


Body Training Collection      

dance teacher Nancy Marmorat's guide to slimming and fitness exercises


Fitness for the Over 50s        

specially adapted gymnastics session for people aged over 50  


Football Legends      

biographies that pay a tribute to Britain's outstanding football celebrities


Kenyan Trilogy  

the clash between man and the African wildlife


Latin Dance                  

a comprehensive guide to learning the basic steps of tango and salsa


Magic School              

transformation magic, disappearance, manipulations - lessons for children and adults


Military Weapons        

encyclopaedia of weapons of destruction during the world wars


Moving Icons                


classical automobiles - sportscars, motorbikes



a series of toning exercises to develop strength and suppleness 


Pregnancy and Birth      

health programmes about future mothers and their partners


Quest for Gold            

traces the history of the destructive gold rushes across the globe


Step and Dance Collection    

dance teacher Nancy Marmorat's keep fit exercises


The Great War              

a series about the First World War - famous battles, war strategy and technology


The Greatest in the World    

the best hobby tips and advice presented in a fun manner


Therapeutic Practices          

exercises for achieving physical, mental and spiritual well-being


The Royal Kingdom                

the monarchy and the country - events of the state, the history, and architecture


Tribal Odyssey  


exploration of indigenous peoples from the remotest places


Tribal Rites                  

comparisons across the rites and rituals of the most colourful cultures known to mankind


Twisted City Tales    

the grim yet romanticized history of cities rich in culture


War Archive            

documentaries about war technology and tactics


World War II Day By Day    

describes the most important actions in the Second World War 


Zimbabwean Trilogy  

a hard look on a country suffering from food and water shortages


Zulu Wars                    

the history of the Zulu nation until its defeat by the British

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