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On our website you can stream any of our films for just $1.0. Education is for everybody! To be able to stream our films, you have to subscribe to the site for just $9.99 a year - that's just 0.83 cents a month. It does not matter where you live or how much money you have; if you can get to a computer and pay just a dollar and the tiny subscription fee, you can watch a lot of films. 


Purchase DVD

Alternatively, you can BUY DVDS  with the films for either educational or private use.


We are a growing site staffed by TV and film professionals and we plan to bring you many new and exciting titles over the next few months. We hope you can support what we are doing and join us now.


In Our Blog you can let us know what you like about the films and how you would rank them. This is your site and we would be happy to know which films you value. We are very interested in your posted views and reviews. The site is about you telling us what you want to see - you will drive the content...

Content Partnership

We would also gladly take a look at your films and perhaps represent them for you on the website as a content partner. You can buy stock footage from most of the films you see on this site. We can also represent your films to broadcast outlets. We have over thirty years of filmmaking and broadcast experience to assist you in developing and promoting your films and ideas.


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