How do I buy a DVD

Please follow the below steps to  buy a DVD:

  • Log first:
  • After choosing your video from Oxfordhumanities and you would like to buy the video then click "BUY DVD".
  • The video is then added to your shopping cart. After that click on "Checkout" button.
  • Next you will see a a checkout form, you have to add your "Shipping Information".
  • Next click on the "Confirm to Buy" button.
  • After that you will see a Paypal checkout page. undertake the necessary steps for paying money online then return to oxfordhumanities.
  • Please look at Shipping Information.


I dont want to register I just wnat to buy a film

  • Our sytem will not accept any payment checkout process without you logging in. So you must also register with us before you login.


How do I register


How do I log in

  • Please Click here to login . Here is where you put your "Email" and “Password” then click the "LOGIN" button .


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