What is Oxford Humanities? We are a collective of like minded individuals interested in showing quality documentary and film in all genres at micro price to anybody. Education should be available to everybody - free or at a very affordable price.

Over the coming months we plan to deliver many more exciting films from reputable and established film producers as well as from unknown content owners and producers.

The promoters have spent a lifetime travelling to the world's most remote places, discovering and recording wildlife, deep and contemporary history, music and endangered cultures. Our main focus as filmmakers is mainly ethnography. We have taken cameras to places nobody else has, we have filmed cultures in a way nobody else has. This has given us over twenty years of broadcast experience which enables us to both deliver films to you and to support producers and content owners in showing and distributing their films... 


Our key objective is to produce and distribute online media that has the power of change, education and stimulation. We aim to provide a voice for all people and ensure a global presence for filmmakers at an affordable price.


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