Length: 1 x 60 mins

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Pilates is a unique way of getting your whole body into good condition and toning up all your muscles. It consists of a series of exercises which are suitable for everyone. They develop both strength and suppleness and their aim is to make the muscles required for good posture. Pilates gives priority to the movements being performed well, freeing up tension, and developing good muscle coordination and control. 

Both Isabelle Kurzi, who is state-qualified dance teacher, choreographic artist and choreographer, and Rida Ouerghi, who is a physical education teacher and personal coach, as well as an international karate expert, have obtained specialist diplomas as Pilates instructors from Peak Pilates (USA).

In this Intermediate Pilates programme the exercises from the Beginner's Level have been modified and made more difficult, and new exercises have been added. This programme, adapted in line with your progress, will allow you to not only consolidate what you have learned, but also to establish a higher level of practice. Do't forget: to make progress, set objectives!

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