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Using balanced body movements and controlled breathing exercises (Chi Kung) Jason Chan shows you how to regain physical and spiritual well-being in just 10 minutes a day. 

All movements in Tai Chi for Health are gentle and may be followed by people of all ages. After showing us how to warm-up by a series of controlled exercises, Jason goes through his Short Form routine. The routine is shown from both the front and the rear, with a close-up camera view in the corner of the screen. Jason also shows us the 5 Elemental Forms of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Balance which help combat the stresses of everyday life. 

He finishes by demonstrating how to warm-down gently and in a controlled manner. 

Tai Chi for Health has helped invigorate many newcomers to this ancient martial art. At the end of this DVD we talk to some of Jason Chan's students and hear what they have to say about rediscovering their inner strength.

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