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Cocaine riddles the world, ruins lives and is endemic within many cultures. The industry has a worldwide multi-million dollar network almost impenetrable by authority. The only truly vulnerable "Achilles Heel" is, it seems, at its origins and source.

This film follows the struggle to contain cocaine from within its white triangle. This is the mythical playground of the cocaine barons of the Amazon Rainforest - a geographical coke production maze located between the borders of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. Here, over a ton of the world's cocaine is produced every week, netting a bigger reward than the number one export of coffee. We follow the hunters of the cocaine workforce in their treacherous chase. The hunted have huge firepower; this is also the world's largest and longest Guerrilla war.

Fear and financial security keep the locals from delivering the drug producers to the authorities. Weaponry and mafia rule protect the coke empire with undiminishing force. This is the eternal chase, inexhaustibly trying to stem the flow of coke into an eager society waiting to consume it and willing to pay for it.

Broadcast Distribution: National Geographic Television International



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