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Deep in the Brazil rainforest, close to borders of Columbia and Peru, there is a remote unexplored region, the Javari valley. Inside this isolated jungle valley, there are five uncontacted groups, each numbering between 4000 and 6000 people.  Unless they are under threat, they are left in complete isolation. 

A small group of Korubo separated from the larger tribe after a dispute over a woman.  While the main tribe remains safely hidden in the valley, this smaller breakaway group  moved dangerously close to outsiders and made a contact expedition necessary. 

FUNAI, one of Brazil's government agency for protection of indigenous peoples, brings medical attention and assistance against violent outsiders to the inhabitants of remote regions.  7 FUNAI employees have been killed in 3 previous attempts to make contact with the Korubo. Now FUNAI's contact front has set up a base camp at the mouth of the Javari Valley. 

Sydney Possuelo, a veteran of other highly dangerous first contacts in the Amazon, and Pino, a Metis Indian with a Korubo mother, are vital links for the FUNAI contact team. If the expedition is successful, permanent contact might also be possible.

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